Top Ten Whitisms

The intelligent ones of you will notice that there are in fact eleven quotes in this list. Well, you try to pick only ten of these wonders! Please enjoy. If you want to suggest one of the best yourself, then email with the number of your suggestion. We'll try and make this 'the people's choice'.

12) 'The deadline is tuesday, and remember, I'm the man who puts the dead into deadline'

38) (Talking about giving detentions to people who haven't given in homework)
'I mean detentions with a letter 'S' on the end'

50) (Talking about physicists)
"They're all hippies"
Student: "But they make atom bombs that kill people"
"But they're wierd, hippies"

53) "Your last ever chemistry lesson, the end of an era, don't forget to bring the tissues, there won't be a dry eye in the house"

57) Another member of staff: "We havesome new sixth formers coming over from Ryles Park School: ... and Sarah Snowball"
"Snowball? That's not a real second name, next you'll be telling me that father christmas is coming to the sixth form"

58) "If anything was going to interfere with your sensitive skin I'd let you know"

60) "Practice will make perfect, that's why God gave us homework"

80) "Use the LOG button, unless you haven't got one because your calculator came free with cornflakes"

88) (Said after a student had thrown a rubber at another student) "Never a wise thing to do, particularly when you are so small and weedy"

94) "Some of you wrote me a long paragraph. It was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes, but you didn't answer the question!"

108) (After writing on Mrs Davis's electronic white board with the wrong pens, Mr White is trying to destroy the evidence...) "Aha!! I think I'll use water, I mean, there's only about 1000 volts running behind this.."