Here, as promised are some pictures of the man of the moment. All those people who have never met him in the flesh can now understand why Mr George White is fantastic enough to be made the subject of this website. So without further ado we'll start with a picture of the man taking a break from his busy workload in the chemistry lab, along with the only picture we have of him actually teaching. And what a grand job he's doing as well, explaining the formation enthalpy of Hydrogen Chloride.

The next picture is one for the ladies, although many men seem also to enjoy looking at this pair of 'fruity buns'. A fine sight if ever there were one.

And a final picture for all lovers of fine art. Larger resolution versions of all these pictures are available by e-mailing Andrew Laidlaw with a request. Details are on the Contact page.

More pictures are on their way, please check back soon